Stop Losing Listings to Less-Experienced Competitors

September 24, 2021

Nir Betan

Can you remember a time when you didnt win a listing presentation?  Weve all been there.  Despite bringing what seemed like your A game, your pitch fell flat.  Do you know why you failed?  Chances are your seller told you theyd need to think about it.  The next thing you know theyre not returning your phone calls and some other agents for sale sign is planted on their front lawn.  You can choose not to take it personally but have you ever thought about what really went wrong?

Theres one reason for failing to get a listing and its true in all cases.  Whatever you showed your prospective seller just didnt emotionally compel them to believe you were the right person for the job.   With a hefty commission check on the horizon and the fear of getting anything other than the best possible price for their property, it all boils down to trust.  You didnt give your seller the confidence to choose you.  Yet while you might have squandered your one shot and wasted all your effort, it doesnt have to be this way.

 Were all familiar with the age old adage timing is everything.  Its as big a real estate cliche as location location location.  Yet both are inalienable truths that you simply cant ignore unless you want to guarantee failure.  When it comes down to making a first impression the importance of timing is two-fold.  Not only do you have just one chance to make your first impression, but even the most open minded sellers will give you no more than twenty seconds before making up their mind.  The fact is youve got a fraction of a minute to make people even care enough to hear and understand what you have to say.

 Its no secret that people act on emotions first and rationalize their decisions after the fact.  If you cant blow people away emotionally in the first twenty seconds when you are pitching yourself, how can you be trusted to take a potential buyers breath away?  If you cant even sell yourself, how can you possibly appear qualified to sell a property online when you are competing for those same twenty second attention spans?  Its this perception that can make or break you.  You absolutely need to blow prospective customers away in 20 seconds or less to even have a conversation about the value you offer.   Its not even about selling your services at this stage of the game. Success begins with compelling people to even be open to seeing that your services may be valuable to them.

How do you even get those twenty seconds in the first place?  You could let history be your guide.  Theres really only one thing that separates a successful realtor from the fruitless hobbyists and the 90% of agents who dont make it past the first year. It all comes down to awareness. Seasoned realtors have been in the game long enough that they already occupy the most important real estate in the worldthe real estate inside peoples brains. 

Even real estate veterans who have a low level of success and are terrible at getting those precious twenty seconds to count may eventually get someone to hear them out, but at what cost?  How much time are you willing to invest in mediocre results?  Wouldnt you rather skip the inefficient door knocking and stop pounding the pavement for decades just to get your name out there?   

Luckily theres an easy way to make every second count.  When you take advantage of STUDEOs digital storytelling platform you can easily demonstrate your value as an agent. From winning the listing presentation to effortlessly attracting and engaging potential buyers, STUDEO makes it simple to get noticed.  Start emotionally wowing people and turn those precious twenty seconds into ten or twenty minutes of engagement.  Youll even get the analytics to prove it.

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