3 Ways Digital Storytelling Can Strengthen Your Hyper-Local Marketing Strategy

July 18, 2023

Nir Betan

The real estate industry is changing — quickly.

Top agents that take the time to understand the changing business landscape — and deploy strategic solutions to stay ahead of them — will undoubtedly capture more market share than those who fail to embrace shifting consumer preferences.

One of the ways top agents can incorporate industry changes into their strategic plans is by updating their marketing strategies.

There’s no better time than right now to start scaling your already-successful career with a revamped marketing plan. Here are three ways that adopting digital storytelling can strengthen your marketing strategy.

#1. Focus on Digital Content

Today’s buyers and sellers rely on the internet when approaching a real estate transaction —making online marketing campaigns more critical than ever.

In 2021:

To keep up with consumer behaviours and trends, agents need to boost their online visibility.

Investing in creative digital marketing strategies should take precedence over newspaper ads, postcards, and flyers. In addition to standard online marketing, efforts like social media, text outreach, and email drip campaigns, focus on content advancements that offer your audience something truly engaging and interactive.

Digital storytelling excels beyond static PDFs and flip brochures by combining media types to tell an emotionally compelling, human-centric story.

#2 Automate Content Creation With AI So That You Can Create Local Content At Scale To Help Grow Your Real Estate Business

When you are a busy agent serving multiple clients at once, saving time means you increase your bandwidth for client-facing tasks.

As a general productivity rule, look for systems offering AI-powered automation tools when onboarding new technologies.

Working with automated programs whenever possible can help you streamline back-end marketing tasks, giving you more time to do what you do best — helping buyers and sellers achieve their lifestyle goals.

Studeo offers great AI-powered tools, and you can even generate AI-created storybooks.

With AI, the process of creating a digital storybook from start to finish takes less than ten minutes — even the copywriting is done for you!

The outcome’s quality makes it look like you invested hours creating custom branded content, but you saved time and energy thanks to automation.

#3. Distribute Your Content Across Multiple Channels

It’s incredibly easy to share digital content across all platforms with Studeo’s digital storytelling strategy.

Your digital storybooks enlivened by 3D tours, videos, and photos can be shared across many, if not all, of your online marketing channels. The more you share and promote your content, the more eyes you get on your business.

When you create a digital storybook, you can promote the content on social media by sharing the link to the storybook on Facebook, Instagram Stories, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also embed the storybook into your email marketing campaigns, and embed them on your website landing pages.

Another way you can share content easily is with Studeo’s digital storybooks. We’ve recently showcased some of the unique ways that storybooks can be used to showcase your expertise — whether that’s a particular neighbourhood, a type of real estate, or more.

Make the most of your marketing campaigns in 2022 by leveraging human-focused, interactive, multimedia digital storybooks. Learn more about competitive digital marketing strategies to level up your business in our latest download.