3 Awesome Storybook Ideas Agents Can Try to Showcase Their Expertise

July 18, 2023

Nir Betan

Are you ready to take your digital storybooks beyond listings highlights?

When it comes to creating compelling, human-focused content, the options for potential topics are endless. And, trying out different types of content can help you demonstrate and showcase your areas of expertise — whether of a particular area, a certain type of real estate, and more.

How to Decide Which Storybook Topics to Create

The best way to expand your digital storytelling strategy beyond listing highlights is to identify your target market. This allows you to choose topics that align with your audience’s needs, helping you speak directly to the buyers and sellers you want to work with.

Once you identify the clients that you are going after, ask yourself:

  • What are their interests?
  • What are their needs?
  • What are they looking for in a neighborhood and home?

Then, create storybooks based on the answers to those questions.

For example, if you are an agent that wants to be the top producer for downsizing retirees, your digital storybooks should be different topics that appeal to that demographic within your area.

Five content ideas for retirees may include:

  • How to Easily Care for Your Home in Winter
  • Tips for Organizing When Downsizing
  • Best Local Restaurants Offering Delivery
  • Fun Ways to Stay Active During Retirement
  • Kid-Friendly Parks That Your Grandchildren Will Love

The more you customize your storybook content, you will be better suited to capture leads in your market. Here are three creative content ideas for digital storybooks to help get you started.

#1. Best Places for a Night Out

Roll out the red carpet for your buyer clients that are new to the neighborhood by creating an interactive storybook tour of your city’s top spots for dinner and drinks. You can include videos of the restaurant interiors, maps identifying the businesses on your list, and upload the menus.

You can also mention the distance between each location and recommend the best mode of transportation to make it easy for groups to navigate the local nightlife scene.

For example, “Restaurant X is only two blocks from Bar A. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the rest of the evening with your friends after a delicious dinner. Their Boulevardier is must try cocktail!”

Pro Tip: Add your own insights for each lounge or restaurant you recommend, such as which are ideal for date nights, large friend groups, or a solo meal and quick cocktail after work.

#2. Tips for Staying Healthy and Active

Help your clients achieve a healthier lifestyle by mapping out the best places in your city that support wellness.  You can include the restaurants and cafes that curate nutritious, health-conscious menus. You can also mention the best gyms and workout centers, as well as outdoor spaces that are great for exercising.

Consider creating a calendar of free classes that are offered in your community. Do some research to identify free public fitness events, like a free weekly yoga class in the local park or a running group that meets bi-weekly.

Pro Tip: You can also include the stores that sell athletic equipment and workout clothes. Add more value to your local fitness guide by mapping out health-focused resources in your area, such as dieticians, personal trainers, and wellness coaches.

#3. Kid-Friendly Things to Do

Help families with children get to know your neighborhood with a local guide outlining your community’s kid-friendly amenities. You can create a digital storybook that lists your community’s top kid-friendly activities, destinations, and events.

Consider listing out the best local parks for bike riding and where you can easily host playdates. When discussing restaurants that accommodate kids, you can include the kid’s menu within your digital storybook.

Pro Tip: Create a special section of your storybook dedicated to the holidays! Include information about how each major holiday is celebrated in your neighborhood, helping families plan out their festivities. For example, you can mention the annual Thanksgiving pumpkin patch or the big Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Storybooks are a Full-Spectrum Marketing Strategy

These examples showcase the diverse array of content that can be brought to life through the digital storybook format. Use this as inspiration to begin thinking differently about how you’re using digital storytelling to create valuable, in-demand content for your sphere — helping you win business before the first contact.

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